Stayin’ Alive Festival was organised June 12–13 by Tullikamari Tampere and 45 Special Oulu. The festival was broadcasted back and forth from the stages of these legendary venues.


We encourage everyone to enhance their festival experience and show the world live music is still alive! Set up your personal festival area to your backyard, balcony or terrace and gear up your audiovisual set up.


A great way to upgrade your experience is to attach your computer or phone to a PA- or stereo system. You can also attach your computer to a television with a HDMI cable. If the stream is lagging, remember to press refresh and close other windows and downloads.


You can the concerts, but it requires registration.


You can enjoy the festival naturally also on mobile devices (headphones/speakers enhance the experience).


You can still enjoy - and SUPPORT - the festival until June 20th 2020 here at StayAlive.Fi.


It is easy to access Stayin' Alive Festival.
You only need a modern internet connection.
You can enjoy the festival on the OFFICIAL festival site or on the festival's OFFICIAL Facebook page.



Stayin’ Alive Festival is a very safe and healthy event. The only annoyance is unfortunately widespread fake sites on the internet. Be always sure that you follow only the OFFICIAL links and use only the OFFICIAL web page ( ), esp. if you wish to support the festival.


You can bring your own food and drinks (incl. alcoholic beverages) to the festival area. In a case of rain you can use an umbrella. Camping chairs and tables, swimming pools and rubber ducks are permitted. Smoke if you feel like it. Remember to drink water every day. Take good care of the nature and fellow beings. Dress up accordingly or be naked.




You can stay at home or rest elsewhere. Sleep well.